Teaching Spanish in Ireland

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Job Information

We receive many emails and messages via social media enquiring about jobs. Much as we would like to provide some kind of jobs forum, it is simply impossible for us to do so. Here is what we can do.

If you are a school, and would like to advertise a job, send us an email to atsirlanda@gmail.com, and we will circulate it to our members.

If you are looking for a teacher to give private classes, post a message with your requirements on our Facebook page. That way, teachers who see it can get in touch with you directly.

If you are looking for a job, we cannot, unfortunately, circulate your messages. However, as Ireland does not have a centralised system of applying for work in schools, here are some websites which may be of help to you:

  1. The Teaching Council Ireland outlines new and existing information about the requirements for becoming a teacher of post-primary subjects in this country. Information regarding Post-Primary Curricular Subject Criteria can be found in the attached document below.
  2. Gov.ie offers links to Excel documents which contain recent information on schools (both primary and post-primary) including addresses and names of principals.
  3. The Teaching Council Ireland offers information about applying to become a registered teacher for teachers from Ireland and from outside Ireland.
  4. Universities where you can do a teacher training course:

Educationposts.ie is a mailing list for education jobs. As always, we do not endorse this or any of the websites mentioned on this site, but simply hope that these links will help you with your search for a job.

We look forward to meeting you online or in person and we hope to connect with you at events that the ATS organizes such as the AGM, at a debate where you could participate as a judge, at the workshop in May, and of course also connect with us online on Twitter and Facebook.